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3 Tips for Getting a GREAT DEAL on your New Home!

Sunday, February 12, 2017   /   by Jessica Holcomb

3 Tips for Getting a GREAT DEAL on your New Home!

We know it is very exciting to search for your new home and sometimes you forget about putting a "plan" together to get the best deal possible on your new home. Here are a few tips to consider before shopping for your next home!

Tip #1 Don't waste time looking for a home without first speaking with a lender to get pre-approved for a loan. Even if you aren't planning to move for 6 months or more. It is a smart idea to get an idea of your financial picture and get advice on how to maximize your financial picture. If you start early you have more time to prepare.

Tip #2 Once you get pre-approved its time to look at houses! Although open houses are tempting be sure to let the agent on site know you are working with a Realtor. The agents working at the open houses are under an agreement to represent the seller. They will use every piece of information you share with them to benefit the seller. It is really best that you view properties with your trusted Realtor. (Hopefully White Glove Realty!) If you are visiting New Construction Model homes the same applies. The New Home Sales Agent works for the builder and will also use information you share with them to benefit the seller. They also require that you register with your agent on the very first visit to the community. Its best to let your agent know you are thinking about visiting the new homes and they will register you in advance and will better be able to protect your best interests.

Tip #3 Everything is negotiable! When you fall in love with a property that everyone else loves and you are competing with multiple offers you will definitely want to prepare you offer in an attractive way so the seller picks yours! When inventory is low sometimes sellers have the upper hand - but not always! We are prepared to help you create an attractive offer for the seller as well as for you!

Contact us today to discuss a plan for your upcoming purchase. We would LOVE to help you!

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