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Wednesday, April 5, 2017   /   by Jessica Holcomb

Capturing Cypress Bay a Waterfront Community in Kemah, TX

If you have been searching for waterfront property in the Clear Lake Area lately, you are probably well aware of the changes in the flood insurance premiums that have either already taken place or are looming in the near future for Galveston County. Everyone knows there is a price to pay for the beauty of living directly on the water front but now the premiums are putting some waterfront buyers out of the market altogether.  With FEMA's new flood map changes some families are facing as much as 8 times what they were previously paying sometimes more! Locating the perfect waterfront property with reasonable flood insurance premiums is becoming harder but search no more!
Cypress Bay is located on the south side of Clear Lake with deep water access canal that leads to Clear Lake and then to the Bay. All of the homes are constructed above the base flood elevation so flood insurance is extremely affordable!  The HOA allows boat houses if you would like to add one and up to a 40' b; ...

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